40mcube works with all types of public and offers mediation actions adapted to everyone.

Visits last from half an hour to an hour depending on the age of the students. After a consultation with the teacher, the guide adapts his tour to each group. At 40mcube, the guides target relevant concepts according to the level of the group, their school program or any special request the teacher may have, without losing sight of the main goal of the visit: the discovery of the artist’s work. The school visits consist in three different parts:

– Greeting the students. To begin with, 40mcube presents the activities of the exhibition space and how the organization itself functions.

– A visit of the exhibition. The students discover the exhibition with a guide who explains the general concept of the exhibition and its works and draws their attention to specific points the artist wishes to make. The main focus is on the artworks since these works are at the core of the exhibit.

– An exchange with the students. The first impressions of the students are gathered and discussed. The students talk about the exhibition and the work of the artist. They may ask questions, express their opinions and critique the work. By doing so they go beyond being just spectators and actually intervene in the discussion about the work shown. The guide will keep the discussion on topic.

To end the visit, a special document is given to each student to help them think back later on what they have seen.

Visits for school groups on reservation.
Contact: Cyrille Guitard – 02 90 09 64 11