In Rennes in 2007, by the invitation of 40mcube, Benoît-Marie Moriceau entirely covers the old exhibition in black paint. Psycho, a radical and ephemerous transformation in a public space, quickly begins raising questions and comments. This exhibit forms a complex mélange of intepretations just as do the domains of architecture and cinema to which it refers, while at the same time questioning the categories into which art and the emergence of art are put. By interviewing the artist and the curators of the exhibition followed by a text from the art historian, Jean-Marc Poinsot, this book is able to explore these issues. This edition is not only an opportunity to transcribe the artist’s work but also for the artist to present Psycho in the context of the history and images of black construction in architecture.

– Conversation with Benoît-Marie Moriceau, Patrice Goasduff, Anne Langlois, Catherine Elkar
– Views from Psycho
Psycho: affects, principle of reality and conditions of the gaze
– Source images / Iconography of black constructions

Frac Brittany
Monografik editions

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